Best Job Ever: Renegade Librarian Megan Prelinger


I think being a library builder would be a really cool job, but then again, being an adjunct professor of English is pretty awesome too!

Originally posted on Story by ModCloth:

Best Job Ever - Renegade Librarian Megan Prelinger via Story by ModCloth

Settling on a title for Megan Shaw Prelinger was tough. “Renegade librarian,” “cultural historian,” “collector of the uncommon,” and “arrangement schema superstar” were but a few of the ideas that hopped in and out of my brain while we spoke inside her namesake library, San Francisco’s Prelinger Library. Specializing in bygone artifacts and ephemera and organized by a system Megan devised herself, the library is an extraordinary place.

But, when I asked Megan what she’d consider the most appropriate title for herself, “library builder,” was her humble and simple suggestion. “It can kind of encompass all of that,” she says. “Collection building, community building, and transforming the process of research into something that’s like an institution but isn’t.”

The Prelinger Library via Story by ModCloth

Megan and her husband Rick opened the library in 2004, on the second floor of an old, block-long city building that also houses a carpet store, a dance conservatory, a tai chi…

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