Macaroon Face

So I have to confess that for a long while now, I’ve been looking longingly at all the pretty photos of macaroons on Tumblr, Pintrest, and other social media sites, but because of where I live, actually obtaining them wasn’t possible.  At first, I just scrolled past the images, slightly saddened, yet as time went on, the pictures became more elaborate, more beautiful, and perversely, very much more profuse.  The little confections were EVERYWHERE! And they were taunting me from their smart little boxes in their cute arrays of pastel–greens, pinks, browns, yellows, whites, even purples!!!  Eventually it wasn’t uncommon for my roommates to see me sitting at quietly my laptop,  and then I’d suddenly shake my fist at the ceiling with a cry of “Dang you macaroons!” because I could stare at them all day and was no closer to getting any.

Well, it is my great joy to tell you that such is no longer the case!  I recently discovered that a good friend of mine from college was willing to make some for me, and so, after many months of frustration, my quest to experience this lovely French pastry has come to a quite satisfying climax.

And for those of you interested, here’s a link to my friend’s baking page on Facebook: Jennifer Hostetler Bakery.


7 thoughts on “Macaroon Face

  1. What are these joyous creatures you speak of? I have not heard of them! They have them in PURPLE?! Oh, how dull my life has been without this knowledge. Kerri, you must share! I mean it. Right now. NOW!

    • Macaroons (the French kind) are all over the Internet! They’re the new cupcakes! Just type “macaroon” into Google, and you’ll see what I mean. They’ve even been featured in an elimination challenge on Master Chef! Seeing them on a plasma screen, being eaten by Gordon Ramsey was the last straw…er, at least that was what made me go on a rant in front of my friend Kitty, who then suggested I ask our college friend to make them for me, since I couldn’t buy any from a store. So I texted her right then, and she made them for me!

  2. I want a purple one too! 😀 These look great! (Awww, “Dang you macaroons?!” That must have made your roommates blink, then giggle!)

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