“To Catch a Wolf” Teaser!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00004]I promised some of you that I’d release the sequel to Three Seventeen on August 1st.  Obviously, that didn’t happen. I could give you lots of excuses for that–like the fact that I taught five Freshman Comp classes last term or had a lot of freelance work that was backing up–but that doesn’t put To Catch a Wolf  into your hands any faster, so to make it up to you (a little), here’s the prologue. Enjoy!

To Catch a Wolf


Manteo, NC

She was sitting on the porch, watching as the sun’s light faded orange into the horizon.  The streaks of red and pink mingled alongside it, and she wondered if she’d ever seen anything as pretty, even with all the places she had been to. Sighing contentedly, she decided in the contrary, especially when she looked up at a small sound and was met with his handsome smile and steel gray eyes.

A sharp pain had Lillie sitting up quickly in the darkness.  Gone was the dream, soft and shimmering as it had been, and gone with it was the face that haunted even her waking hours, though she hadn’t actually seen it in six months.  She wished it could be gone entirely from her memory just as instantly, but it could not, and would not ever vanish completely so long as the child she carried lived and breathed.

She laid down again and tried to get comfortable enough to go to back to sleep, but even in the familiarity of the bed she’d slept on her whole life, doing so was a struggle. She was inclined to curl up on her side as she’d been told to do, but couldn’t seem to fall asleep that way. She settled flat on her back and willed her mind and body to relax, but there was another flash of pain.  She rose and woke her parents.  For a moment, her excitement overshadowed everything, even the hollow ache that never quite went away.  He’s coming.  He’s coming at last.


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