Non-Fictional Feelings: Another Peril of a Bibliophiliac

Photo: “Like” if you’ve been surprised by your emotional attachment to fictional characters.

This picture came from a Facebook post by Grammarly.

While killing time on Facebook this afternoon, I stumbled across this photo in my news feed and couldn’t resist sharing it on my site, since it seemed to go so well with my Promiscuity post last week. For me, at least, my feelings for fictional characters have always seemed just as “non-fictional” as my feelings for “non-fictional characters” (real people).  I wept just as passionately over Rhett walking out on Scarlett as I did when the object of my own affections chose another over me.  I rejoice just as merrily as Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding guests did when my own friends are married.  And I hope, just as fervently as Jo March did, to be a successful novelist and find the man of my dreams. . . though I still say she was a fool to turn Laurie down.  There’s no way spoiled little Amy deserved him.    


One thought on “Non-Fictional Feelings: Another Peril of a Bibliophiliac

  1. Again, too true! I’m this way with so many stories (and movies, too)… it shows that an author is talented when he or she can use words to pull people into stories so vividly, and create characters that really seem to breathe and feel. Books are very real in a way, if you only give them a chance to be and read with your heart as well as your eyes.

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