Air & Water

You say that the glass is half-full;

It’s half-full of empty air.

You say you want me to be honest

Then examine my truths without care.

I’d tell you that pain seems to prick me

With every promise made, except

Lies slide down quick enough to kill it.

If anyone knows, if anyone could help,

It would have to be you. That thought

Smothers my breath as the cold circlet

Of your gaze shocks my chest.

The clock pounds heavily against a

Burning quiet until everything is frozen

When your eyes stake mine.

No matter what words you choose,

Their slide will make a mark, so

This detachment I feel is no surprise.

The curving sickles almost comfort

As they caress what I’ve left inside

And spread like snow drops in a storm,

Falling in drips down my throat.

Now the drowning is done and

All that’s survived are the facts:

You say the glass is half-full;

It’s half full of empty air.

© 2010, Kerri L. Bennett


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