Whiskey Beach: A Book Review

Whiskey BeachWhiskey Beach by Nora Roberts

Penguin Group, 2013, 496 pp. $27.95
Romance/Romantic Suspense/ Contemporary Fiction/Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-399-15989-3

Boston lawyer Eli Landon’s life began to spin out of control when he came home and found that his estranged wife had been brutally murdered.  Because he was the police’s prime suspect, Landon eventually lost both his job and all the friends he thought he had, though a case was never brought up against him.

Now, months later, he has returned to Bluff House, the lavish Landon ancestral home on Whiskey Beach to escape the dogged policeman who still has him pegged for the murder and to care for Bluff House because his grandmother has been hospitalized after a terrible fall down the stairs.  All he wants is the familiar peace and quiet of Whiskey Beach, so he can work on his book, the one thing he’s been able to cling to throughout the whole mess, but Gran’s alluring housekeeper/yoga instructor, Abra Walsh, just won’t leave him alone. As Eli gradually lets himself befriend Abra, she helps him put his life back together and find purpose again, but the new life and relationship they are building are threatened when Abra is attacked by an intruder, and Eli finds a mysterious hole in the basement floor. Will Eli once again take a passive role in the chaos around him, or will he finally be able to regain control and  successfully navigate the threatening waves and find a happiness he thought impossible?

Roberts continues to use the particular mix of love, adventure and mystery that has proven so successful for her in the past.  Though the story is reminiscent of some of her other novels, like Carolina Moon, her use of a male protagonist is a welcome twist.  Whiskey Beach is full of entertainment and suspense, making it a perfect way to relax at the end of the day or on a vacation at your own beach getaway.


Three Quills

Three Quills out of Four: A “good book.”

This book is lots of fun, but it falls short of the last quill because it wasn’t a “life-changing” read for me. Highly recommended for Nora Roberts fans and those who love romantic suspense. Not suitable for children.


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