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In Your Court

Paving the court hits me hard, makes me hurt, Pulls something out of me as the smothering past gasps. It feels like the end of all that I played for, Seeing the net folded and taken away. But Progress means more and that more needs Places that come from the loss of the game. I … Continue reading

Le Loup

He walks in the light, lank and long Losing himself among the throng. His smile, his eyes are full of charm. His dress and manner do not alarm.   He behaves pleasantly with all he sees. Friends and neighbors speak well of he Who keeps the letter of village law, The bright of eye and … Continue reading

Air & Water

You say that the glass is half-full; It’s half-full of empty air. You say you want me to be honest Then examine my truths without care. I’d tell you that pain seems to prick me With every promise made, except Lies slide down quick enough to kill it. If anyone knows, if anyone could help, … Continue reading

Through the Glass

You stand inside and look out at me, a picture of the past In your newsboy cap and your properly tied scarf. I could think you a tintype, were you cast in sepia. I could see you a young Englishman—all manners And a dashing accent.  Eyes full of shine and sin. A smile of confidence … Continue reading